Waymark Reporting Tools

Waymark has been involved in various partnership working projects, taking a variety of roles including strategy and project development, project delivery, M&E, plus our consultants have participated as members of volunteer organisations delivering funded projects.

Waymark's partnership management portals have evolved as tools based on our specialist knowledge and experience of collaborative projects.

Project Management Portal

Typically, the Project Management Portal is used to administer multi-faceted projects, in particular where there is a formal monitoring requirement. It is designed to 

  • Capture the information required by the programme's main funding organisation.
  • Administer grant claims submissions from partners
  • Facilitate partnership collaboration and information sharing
  • Capture and report information and evidence for monitoring & evaluation.

Projects often involve community groups and volunteers who have limited capacity and little or no experience of formal project structures and reporting requirements, so the portal is designed in a user friendly way to steer them to provide the required information. It also enables people to easily access project resources.

The challenge of collaborative projects is to make the whole project greater than the sum of its parts -  this portal is designed to encourage and facilitate this.

Financial Claims Portal

The Financial Claims Portal is a slimmer, entry-level online claims management tool. This is suitable as a stand alone tool to administer regular grant claims. It handles all the submissions from partners in a timely way, so that the financial administrator can quickly and easily meet the requirements of the funding organisation. It is also a starting point from which to upgrade to a Project Management Portal.