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Restoration of Bridge 70

Steve wears numerous hats and is heavily involved as a volunteer in many restoration groups, including Caldon & Uttoxeter Canal Trust who successfully bid for funds to restore and protect the last remaining bridge on the disused Uttoxeter Canal.

This has been a huge project that involved working with a number of statutory and community organisations and private companies. Steve's strategic thinking, negotiation skills and volunteer management skills were put to good use. 


Community Consultation

When asked what people feel about AONB status it is inevitable that members of the community have very different levels of understanding about how it might affect them. Not everyone really knows the details of what is involved. So when we were asked to run community consultation events across a Midlands region considering applying for AONB status, we focussed on teasing out how people feel about the effects and issues that could be managed by a different level of control and/or protection.

Supporting restoration appeals

The LMS-Patriot Project project aims:

  • To build a new 'Patriot' steam locomotive to the original Sir Henry Fowler parallel boiler design, capable of running on the mainline.
  • To create the new Royal British Legion Endorsed National Memorial engine, named 'The Unknown Warrior'.
  • To be complete in time for the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice in 2018.

To achieve these aims the LMS-Patriot Project is looking to raise £1.5 million to build 'The Unknown Warrior'. This is being raised through: